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Price List Adjustable Barre Specifications 4', 6', 8', 10' Free-Standing Assembly
Ballet Barres Adjustable Wall Mount Instructions 14' & 16' Free-Standing Assembly
Splice Joint Specification Fixed Barre Specifications Measuring Barre Straightness Tolerance
Fixed Wall Mount Instructions

DRILLING HOLES IN WOOD BARRE TO MOUNT EXTENSION STUDS (omit if pre-drilled wood barre is used)
Locate a strong place on the wall for each bracket to be mounted (eg. over wood studs) and make a vertical mark at the center of each location. Take accurate measurements between these marks and mark the distance off on the Wood Barre. First use a 3/8" drill and make all holes 7/8" deep (NO DEEPER). Then go back to each hole with a smaller 5/16" drill and, in the same hole, go down another 5/8" making the total dept 1 1/2".
It is important that these holes are exactly parallel to each other and perpendicular to the Wood Barre. (A drill press makes this job easier.
Based on 1 3/4" minimum diameter with excellent tensile strength
1 5/8" minimum diameter Wood Barre
Like a ruler, the distance between the holes in the Wood Barre will designate the location of the brackets on the wall. Mark these distances off on the wall and use a level to make perfectly vertical lines at the marks. (Vertical lines should start at 29" from floor and go up the wall about 15".)
Hold each Channel on the wall over one of the vertical lines so that you can see the line through the holes in the Channel where the mounting screws will go. With a pencil, make little circles on the wall through the screw holes to mark where you will drill. There is a “Nut Stop” pressed into one end of each Channel and it should be at the bottom which should be 29" from the floor. Of course walls will vary in construction and consequently so will the type of fastener needed to mount the Channel. The screws provided will work well on most walls with wooden studs. To use these screws, the holes in the wooden studs should be drilled slightly smaller than the diameter of the screws to assure a snug fit.
Screw all Extension Studs into the Wood Barre clockwise by hand until the shoulders touch the wood. An additional 1/2 turn (NO MORE) may be necessary to straighten out the Extension Studs and make them all perpendicular to the Wood Barre and parallel to each other. Screw on Wing Nuts, Washers, and Square Nuts exactly as shown in illustration.
Pick up barre assembly and slide the Square Nut, on the end of each Extension Stud, into the top slot of its corresponding Channel, (Washers and Wing Nuts are outside.) Tighten the Wing Nuts when the barre is at your desired height. To adjust barre, loosen the Wing Nut and slide it up and down the Channel, then retighten the Wing Nut. Grab the Wood Barre at the point where the Extension Stud screws in and wiggle the barre up and down when tightening and loosening the Wing Nut.
  4', 6', 8', 10' Barre Assembly and Operation
  14' & 16' Freestanding Barres
  Wall Mount Fixed Height Barres


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